4.5 kg Dryer | BD45KG

    BD45KG - White

    Our 4kg dryer is an ideal addition to any laundry as it is compact and features a high speed rotating turbo fan, which strengthens hot air circulation for quicker drying and softer results.

    The BD45KG offers 4 drying programmes with 2 heat selections.

    Safety features include an overheating sensor and a safety door switch that stops the operation when the door is opened.

    This model can be floor or wall mounted with upside down installation.


    • 4.5kg capacity
    • Heat selector: low or high
    • 4 drying programs: cool, warm, hot, air dry
    • Wall or floor mounted
    • Upside down installation
    • Up to 200 minute drying time settings
    • Overheating sensor
    • 2 extra fine lint removers (front door and rear)
    • High speed rotating turbo fan strengthens hot air circulation for quicker drying and softer results
    • Safety door switch stops operation when door opened

    603mm W 702mm H x 445mm D



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